Feeder 4.5.5

Feeder 4.5.5

Self-publish podcasts, appcasts, and standard RSS feeds with Feeder.


  • Feeder makes it easy to create and update your podcast, and ensures everything meets the Apple Podcasts requirements
  • Preview podcast episodes as they’ll appear in the Podcasts app
  • See serials listed by season and episode, along with trailers and bonuses, as in the Podcasts app
  • Publish feeds and media files to different servers with a single click
  • Redirect media file URLs through your preferred analytics service
  • Download your existing feed to move to Feeder
  • No lock-in: if you control your feed, you can use the service providers that suit you, and always move to another without losing subscribers


  • Edit your feeds on all your Macs with iCloud
  • Collaborate on feeds with other Feeder users with iCloud
  • Schedule items to be published
  • HTML editing and preview
  • Write descriptions using Markdown
  • Templates and auto-completion to save time
  • Feeder can publish using FTP, SFTP, Amazon S3, WebDAV and file export
  • Search the items in the feed, including by date
  • Cross-post items to a blog when publishing
  • Feeder 4 is completely updated for macOS Big Sur and built for Apple silicon


  • Create Sparkle appcasts that automatically generate DSA and edDSA signatures
  • Preview release notes as they’ll appear in the Sparkle update panel
  • Feeder is fully scriptable for creating, editing and publishing feeds, and can run a script or Automator workflow after a feed is published

What's New:

Version 4.5


  • Support for Podlove Simple Chapters
  • See chapters in the podcast preview
  • Specify additional info for Spotify
  • Other improvements for iCloud sharing, the editor window, and publishing


  • The Podlove Simple Chapters extension allows chapter information to be included in the feed — the extension can be enabled or disabled in the feed’s Settings view
  • When enabled, chapter information will be automatically extracted when attaching an enclosure file or fetching an enclosure’s attributes
  • By default, Feeder will automatically extract and upload chapter images. The name will be based on the chapter title to avoid duplication, or Feeder can store the image file in a folder named after the enclosure


  • A chapters button will be shown above the preview if the enclosure file is local and includes chapters, or when a remote file is played
  • When playing an audio file, the artwork will update to reflect the current chapter
  • Fixed an issue where the preview may keep playing when the window is closed


  • Podcast feeds can now include some information specific to Spotify, such as the relevant countries and the number of most recent episodes to show
  • The Spotify extension will be enabled by default for all existing podcast feeds when first opening Feeder 4.5, and can be enabled or disabled in the feed’s Settings view


  • Menu items for podcasts and appcasts in the Editor menu will only be shown when those extensions are enabled
  • Fixed an issue where closing the window before fetching enclosure attributes has completed would result in a crash
  • Fixed an issue where enabling the “Fetch precise durations” option in Podcasts preferences would have no effect


  • In the General section of each feed’s Settings view, choose a feed type to filter the extensions shown — by default this is chosen depending on the extensions the feed already uses
  • The view mode toolbar item and search field can no longer be moved or removed on macOS 13 or later


  • Improved user interface for sharing feeds via iCloud on macOS 13.0 and later
  • Improvements handling iCloud server issues


  • Fixed an issue where Feeder may not be able to upload files added to Feeder on another Mac
  • Fixed an issue where files may be published to the wrong folder on Amazon S3 after changing the feed’s server from a protocol that included a site folder
  • Fixed an issue where XML stylesheets may not be included in the feed if no “media” attributed was specified


  • Title: Feeder 4.5.5
  • Developer: Steve Harris
  • Compatibility: macOS 10.15 or later
  • Language: English
  • Includes: K'ed by TNT
  • Size: 11.39 MB
  • visit official website



*** You need to disable the System Integrity Protection (SIP) to perform the selected Application and Gatekeeper off!

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