Feeder 4.4

Feeder 4.4

Self-publish podcasts, appcasts, and standard RSS feeds with Feeder.


  • Feeder makes it easy to create and update your podcast, and ensures everything meets the Apple Podcasts requirements
  • Preview podcast episodes as they’ll appear in the Podcasts app
  • See serials listed by season and episode, along with trailers and bonuses, as in the Podcasts app
  • Publish feeds and media files to different servers with a single click
  • Redirect media file URLs through your preferred analytics service
  • Download your existing feed to move to Feeder
  • No lock-in: if you control your feed, you can use the service providers that suit you, and always move to another without losing subscribers


  • Edit your feeds on all your Macs with iCloud
  • Collaborate on feeds with other Feeder users with iCloud
  • Schedule items to be published
  • HTML editing and preview
  • Write descriptions using Markdown
  • Templates and auto-completion to save time
  • Feeder can publish using FTP, SFTP, Amazon S3, WebDAV and file export
  • Search the items in the feed, including by date
  • Cross-post items to a blog when publishing
  • Feeder 4 is completely updated for macOS Big Sur and built for Apple silicon


  • Create Sparkle appcasts that automatically generate DSA and edDSA signatures
  • Preview release notes as they’ll appear in the Sparkle update panel
  • Feeder is fully scriptable for creating, editing and publishing feeds, and can run a script or Automator workflow after a feed is published

*** You need to disable the System Integrity Protection (SIP) to perform the selected Application.

What's New:

Version 4.4.0:


  • Updated for macOS Ventura
  • Additional support for creating Sparkle 2.1 appcast feeds
  • Update WebSub hubs when publishing
  • Improvements for search, autocompletion, and previews


  • When searching for items, the exact order of the words no longer matters.
  • Fixed an issue where images may not be scaled correctly in the standard preview when a width is specified.


  • Press the down arrow key to autocomplete an empty field, or to show completions immediately.
  • See a popover color picker when choosing colors in Editor settings on macOS Ventura.
  • Fixed an issue where an item’s description may not initially be displayed correctly when switching the format to Rich Text.


  • It’s now possible to specify WebSub hubs to update after publishing, such as the one used for Google Podcasts. Set the URLs for these in the WebSub section of the feed’s Publishing settings, and the hub URLs will be included in the feed, and notified after the feed is published. Click and hold on the + button to choose a known hub from the menu shown.
  • To add an existing, known ping service and hold on the + button in the Ping Services section and choose the service from the menu shown.

Sparkle Appcasting

  • The Sparkle framework version can now be set to 2.1 in the Settings view when Sparkle Appcasting is enabled.
  • When editing an item, the Informational Updates type can now be set to “Below Version” when the framework version is set to Sparkle 2.1 or later to specify the sparkle:belowVersion tag.
  • Added an “Ignore Skipped Updates Below Version” field to set the sparkle:ignoreSkippedUpgradesBelowVersion tag when the framework version is set to Sparkle 2.1 or later.
  • Added a “Minimum Autoupdate Version” field to set the sparkle:minimumAutoupdateVersion tag when the framework version is set to Sparkle 2.0 or later. This is not shown by default, but can be shown by editing the template.
  • Added support for the above fields to the “Set Properties on Sparkle Item” shortcut action, and as properties on the Feed Item object.
  • Added the above properties to the “feed item” AppleScript object.


  • Fixed an issue where it would not be possible to stop sharing a feed in the sidebar.
  • Preferences is now called Settings in macOS Ventura.


  • Title: Feeder 4.4
  • Developer: Steve Harris
  • Compatibility: macOS 10.15 or later
  • Language: English
  • Includes: K'ed by TNT
  • Size: 11.74 MB
  • visit official website



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