BuildBox for Mac 2.1

BuildBox for Mac 2.1

Make amazing games and publish them everywhere. No coding required. Buildbox is a breakthrough game creation experience. Creating games is as easy as dropping images into the software, making changes to their properties and hitting play.

Every tool you need to complete your game is included inside Buildbox. You have access to complete management of your assets, integrated level editor, game menu system, advanced ad and in app purchase solution, font editor, gameplay settings and more.

With Buildbox it is simple
We set out to make creating games as easy as making a powerpoint presentation. During the development of Buildbox we didn’t study complex user experiences of design software or game creation tools, instead we focused on making things so intuitive, you wouldn’t need a manual.

You’ll have everything you need at your fingertips. To bring a new character, enemy, object, platform, decoration, power-up, effect or background into your game, you simply drag and drop it into the level editor. Now you’ll be able to move the object around, duplicate it and change all of it’s properties. Buildbox makes it simple.

Anyone Can Create Games
For the first time, anyone can make games without having a technical bone in their body. Buildbox lets you make games as easy as a powerpoint presentation.

Build new gameplay types
Using Buildbox’s infinity engine you can control real world physics and gameplay by moving sliders. Make classic game styles like platformers or build something totally unique.

Advanced Monetization Options
With Buildbox you have full control over in app purchases and the ability to show ads from over 9 different top tier ad companies including industry favorites like Chartboost.

Build Once, Play Anywhere
Once you finish your game, instantly export it to over a dozen different platforms. Have your game on dozens of app stores, on Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, Android, Amazon Fire Phone, Amazon TV, OUYA and more.

Special Effects and Power Ups
Quickly create cool indie effects with lighting and trails. Easily add a multitude of power-ups to your game like invincibility, coin magnets, kill all enemies and more.


  • added: swipe controller
  • added: support for unified windows platform export
  • updated: added warning about circle collisions maintaining aspect
  • updated: creator includes main menu and game over by default
  • fixed: loading counter is stuck at 0
  • fixed: remove ads button not going away after purchase
  • fixed: opecity changes not appearing in scene editor
  • fixed: copy/paste creating 2 copies
  • fixed: custom font reverting to default
  • fixed: can’t edit collision shape in animation editor
  • fixed: using correct Z-index for dropped items in UI
  • fixed: tvOS now using 60FPS
  • fixed: name field in animation editor
  • fixed: remove unused loading bar properties
  • fixed: action button still active after death
  • fixed: removed characters from Start node
  • fixed: menu just not pausing world
  • fixed: comma causing crash in font size
  • fixed: text entry and drop menus acting up on mouse scroll
  • fixed: better naming for clones in outliner
  • fixed: issue with shooting sound duration
  • fixed: interstitial ads resetting score
  • fixed: issues with unlock button getting mixed up
  • fixed: many crashes


  • Title: BuildBox for Mac 2.1
  • Developer: Secret Headquarters, INC
  • Compatibility: OS X 10.9 or later, 64-bit processor
  • Language: English
  • Includes: K
  • Size: 248.42 MB
  • visit official website



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Barnabas 30 April 2017 02:32
i like build box and,i want to use it to make game
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