WinDat Opener 2.3.3

WinDat Opener 2.3.3

WinDat Opener opens the "winmail.dat" email attachments that are sometimes sent by Outlook and Outlook Express email clients. These files are in “TNEF” format, and usually contain attachments such as spreadsheets or presentations embedded within them. WinDat Opener extracts the embedded attachments hidden inside the winmail.dat file, allowing you to open them with another application, e.g., Pages.
  • Works with any email client. Just drag-and-drop winmail.dat files from anywhere
  • Highest rated winmail.dat decoder on the app store
  • Extracts all attachments from winmail.dat files
  • Extracts embedded appointment (iCal) and contact (vCard) data
  • OS X El Capitan compatible

WinDat Opener is simple to use - it integrates transparently with OS X . All you have to do is to either drag-and-drop the winmail.dat file onto WinDat Opener, or just double-click the file. WinDat Opener then extracts the embedded attachments, allowing you to save them, or to open them in another application. WinDat Opener automatically preserves important file metadata such as file creation and modification times.


  • Title: WinDat Opener 2.3.3
  • Developer: Alexander McGuffog
  • Compatibility: OS X 10.6.5 or later, 64-bit processor
  • Language: English
  • Includes: Pre-K'ed
  • Size: 1.17 MB
  • View in Mac App Store



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