Gas Mask 0.8.3

Gas Mask 0.8.3

In a pre-DNS era, hosts files were manually updated, and the information was used to resolve hostnames to IP addresses for the members of the ARPANET group. However, the hosts files can still be used, and their syntax remains the same across various operating systems.

Custom hosts files can be employed to override the DNS for specific addresses while you are using a certain computer. This is extremely useful if you are developing websites and you want to perform tests before the DNS changes take effect.

Straightforward editor and creator for hosts files
Gas Mask is a minimalist Mac app that enables you to quickly create, edit, or remove hosts files in a clean, organized, and user friendly interface. The app’s main window is split in two areas: on the right you can see the hosts file content, while on the left you can view a list of all defined hosts files, organized by type (local, remote, or combined).

To get started, all you have to do is create a new hosts file and input the hostname you want to resolve, together with the IP address. The next step is to save and activate the host file by pressing the appropriate buttons.

Easily manage your hosts files via user friendly commands
For your convenience, the main window comes with a toolbar that provides small buttons for frequently used functions: create, remove, save, and activate. The best part is that you can create multiple files, and only activate them when you need to perform tests.

The app’s customization options are included in the Preferences window, where you can choose to override external modifications, to enable the syntax highlighting function, to adjust the update interval for remote hosts files, or to setup your own activation hotkeys.

Streamlined solution for handling multiple hosts file via a minimalist GUI
On macOS, you have the opportunity to edit your hosts file by opening the original via the, and making the necessary adjustments.

To avoid dealing with the command line, Gas Mask offers a clean user interface, and allows you to create multiple hosts file that can be quickly activated by the press of a button.

What's New:

Version 0.8.6:

  • Changed how the hide editor window logic works so that relaunching is not necessary (by Andrew Muraco)
  • Upgraded the version of the Sparkle framework to the latest


  • Title: Gas Mask 0.8.3
  • Developer: Siim Raud
  • Compatibility: macOS 10.7 or later
  • Language: English
  • Size: 2.63 MB
  • visit official website



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