Dato 5.0.14

Dato 5.0.14

Dato gives you a local clock, date, and multiple world clocks in the menu bar. When you click Dato in the menu bar, you get a menu with a calendar, calendar events, and world clocks. All of this is highly customizable. Dato also comes with some macOS 11 widgets.
One-time purchase with free upgrades forever. Dato will never be subscription-based.

Dato supports all the locales and languages that macOS supports for the menu bar text, dates, times, and the calendar, but the menus and preferences are English-only.

Note to Chinese users: 该应用程序仅以英语提供,它将永远不支持农历。

On macOS 11, it’s no longer possible to completely hide the system menu bar clock. So Dato can only replace the date or you can make the system clock just be an analog clock icon.

Note: Some of the features in the screenshots are macOS 11-only features.

Your upcoming events at a glance

  • Customize how many events to show and for how many days
  • Supports HTML formatted notes
  • Quickly reveal the event in your default calendar app


  • Week numbers
  • Event indicators
  • Highlighting specific days of the week

World clocks

  • Shown in either the Dato menu or the menu bar
  • Custom names
  • Search 15k cities offline

And a lot more!

  • Supports all calendar services that macOS supports (iCloud, Google, Outlook, etc)
  • Custom format for the date & time in the menu bar
  • Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams integration (shows an icon on events and button to quickly join)
  • Many menu bar icons to choose from (for example, date in calendar like Itsycal)
  • Show seconds in the menu bar clock or in the menu
  • Global keyboard shortcut to open/close the app
  • Lots of in-app keyboard shortcuts for power users
  • Open calendar events from Google Calendar directly in Google Calendar on the web
  • Large text mode
  • Fully customizable

macOS 11-only features

  • Show the upcoming event in the menu bar (like Fantastical, Meeter, and MeetingBar)
  • Create events (even with a global keyboard shortcut)
  • Widgets: Date & time and calendar
  • Join the next meeting (Zoom/Meet/Teams) with a customizable global keyboard shortcut

macOS 10.15-only features

  • Today widget in the Notification Center for time zones
  • Custom color for the date & time menu bar item (macOS 11 broke this)

What's New:

Version 5.0.0

  • Refreshed user-interface
  • Improved performance
  • The Dato window now appears on the right-most side of your screen
  • Click an event in the list to show event details (previously you hovered over it)
  • Right-click an event in the list for more actions
  • Double-click an event in the list to open it in the default calendar app
  • Added the ability to pin the window to prevent it from auto-closing
  • The calendar now highlights relevant days when hovering over an event or reminder in the list
  • Quickly join a video call by clicking the video icon on an event in the list
  • Added the ability to mute events
  • Added a setting to hide the main Dato menu bar item
  • Made the window height resizable
  • Click the upcoming event or a time zone menu bar item to open the main Dato window
  • Right-click the upcoming event menu bar item to be able to quickly mute the event


  • Title: Dato 5.0.14
  • Developer: Sindre Sorhus
  • Compatibility: macOS 13.3 or later
  • Language: English
  • Includes: K'ed by TNT
  • Size: 17.31 MB
  • View in Mac App Store



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