Scrutiny 12.7.4 – Web optimization tool suite

Scrutiny 12.7.4 – Web optimization tool suite

Scrutiny is a suite of web optimization tools including link checking, SEO checks, Sitemap generation, page load speed test, html validation. Version 9 is a major update and includes these new features.


  • Link checker
  • SEO analysis
  • XML sitemap generation, optionally include images / PDF pages
  • Insecure / mixed content reporting
  • Page-load speed test
  • Spelling and grammar checking
  • Scans sites requiring authentication
  • Search your site (source or visible text) obtain a list of pages containing a search term or not containing a search term
  • Website monitoring of as many URL's as you like with a choice of alerts and logging
  • Scheduling made easy with a few easy clicks
  • On finish, send an email, save a report, open a file or AppleScript, FTP the sitemap XML, and other actions
  • Opens and scans a list of links in HTML, CSV, plain text format, or XML sitemap

What's New:

Version 12.7.4:

  • Fixes toolbar export button which, after a search, was exporting the link urls rather than the search results.
  • If searching, pointless listing and checking image urls, so that functionality is forced off, even if 'check images' or 'images in sitemap' are selected. (those options will be observed if a regular scan is then run.)


  • Title: Scrutiny 12.7.4
  • Developer: Peacockmedia
  • Compatibility: macOS 10.14 or later
  • Language: English
  • Includes: K'ed by TNT
  • Size: 6.83 MB
  • visit official website



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