Adguard 2.10.0 (1239) Nightly

Adguard 2.10.0 (1239) Nightly

Adguard can make your online experience safer because, though Macs and Apple laptops are quite safe to use, when it comes to ad blockers, Macs experience real problems. Already-existing solutions do not consider the specifics of macOS. That greatly influences the stability of work in Safari, and these ad-blocking extensions fail to do their work properly, especially when video ads are an issue.

New Adguard lets you fully enjoy web surfing without any distractions. Watch those videos you want to watch, and not video ads, on YouTube, Twitch, or any other website. Look at photos of your friends and not at endless banners on Facebook and other social networks. Adguard gives you freedom of choice and saves your nerves. It works perfectly with all browsers, as it was developed specially for use on macOS.

  • Ad Blocker. Subtle filtering of all incoming traffic, and what is more, ads are blocked before they load to the page.
  • Browsing Security. Adguard checks every page for any malicious content using our databases, and blocks requests from potentially dangerous ones.
  • Privacy Protection. Any counters and tracking instruments will be blocked by powerful Spyware filter. With Adguard you can stop worrying for the privacy of your actions on the Internet.
  • Adguard works in all browsers. Safari, Chrome - you name it. No exceptions.
  • Easy to install. A couple of clicks, and your Mac is protected from ads. You don't have to struggle with overcomplicated settings - just surf the net and Adguard will do all the work.
  • Blocking video ads. Any video ad, on any site - Adguard will block it.
  • Application filtering. Adguard is more than just an addon for browser. It can help you to get rid of ads in any app on your Mac.
  • Adguard has intuitive and simple UI with such additional features like Adguard Assistant and filtering log.
  • Daily ad filters and phishing databases updates.

What's New:

Version 2.9.2 (1234)


  • CoreLibs to v1.10.182 #1175
  • DnsLibs to v2.0.75 #1179


  • PIX-LINK router/repeater domains to fallback domains #170
  • Missing Polish translations in Safari Browser Assistant #1174


  • Title: Adguard 2.10.0 (1239) Nightly
  • Developer: Adguard Team
  • Compatibility: macOS 10.13 or later
  • Language: Multilangual
  • Includes: K'ed by TNT
  • Size: 101.25 MB
  • visit official website



***You need to disable the System Integrity Protection (SIP) to perform the selected Application.
!!!!!! For Safari you need to use the old Adguard Assistant in the program settings

Comments 12

jessyjames91 18 June 2018 06:51
SimonTemplar 25 October 2018 10:16
Hi, another Tks for this great and very useful tool !.
:) 31 May 2019 14:38
Thank you^0^ heart_eyes
iblaqq 16 July 2019 18:41
God bless you all
Daniel Llanos
Daniel Llanos 31 July 2019 00:22
how were guys able to make it work? I am having trouble i am on mojave.
I receive a message saying " adguard wants to make changes. I put password and then adguard turns off.
Bob Loblaw
Bob Loblaw 7 August 2019 00:49
Quote: Daniel Llanos
how were guys able to make it work? I am having trouble i am on mojave.
I receive a message saying " adguard wants to make changes. I put password and then adguard turns off.

I have the same issue since the end of July.
Joe 11 August 2019 21:47
Can this be updated? The latest nightly version fixes support for Chromium; Adguard does not work with Chromium unless you're on
Thank you
Miki 12 August 2019 07:30
Updated to version 2.1.1 (591)
opsforce 12 September 2019 05:56
System Extension Blocked
A program tried to load new system extension(s) signed by “xxxxxx”. If you want to enable these extensions, open Security & Privacy System Preferences.

show me five block windows , but "System Configuration" - "Security & Private" - "generate", have no any "Allow" button!

macOS Mojave version is 10.14.6.
Miki 28 May 2020 15:30
Updated to version 2.4.8 (795) Release
nilesh111 17 November 2020 05:44
Need the latest version 219 coz this version 218 doesn't work with Big Sur
wish59 14 September 2021 20:02
It keeps telling me that I don't have the rights to access the image, but I have read and write for my account and tried to set read and write for "everyone" to no avail. Any hint?
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