Media Pro SE 2.1.0

Media Pro SE 2.1.0

Media Pro SE is professional photo management software that makes it easy to manage your photo and video assets. Built to be fast and intuitive, it is a powerful photography assistant that will supercharge the way you find, organize, and share your images and videos wherever your files are stored.

Drag and drop importing
Add just the image files you want to a particular catalog, whether it's the entire contents of your camera's media card or a few video files from a hard drive.

Fast import
No need to wait for progress bars; Media Pro SE is built to handle thousands of files with ease.

Support for image and videos from 100+ cameras
Open all those files without worry. Media Pro SE supports all the file formats you need, and probably a few that you don't. Evaluate and compare high quality raw images Instantly magnify images and evaluate your raw images with correct colors, in extreme detail and including adjustments using Capture One’s professional image rendering engine.

Find files anywhere
Let Media Pro SE keep track of the location of your files, across all your hard drives, CDs, or media cards. Searches can be done within the current catalog, open catalogs, recent catalogs, or across all catalogs in a folder, and popular searches can be saved for later use.

Hierarchical keywords
Don't just tag your picture saying that it's from holidays: Tell your friends that it's from Europe, Denmark, Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, Roskildevej 39, 2nd floor and 3rd door to the right!

Offline workflow
Catalogs can be searched, browsed or annotated even when the originals are offline, and changes you make will be synchronized later.

Screen-size previews
See what you're looking at more clearly with large preview images, which are automatically generated when your files are imported.

Visual catalogs
Add more than 128,000 files per catalog, organized just the way you like. Color labels and catalog sets help you to sort and manage them all.

Batch conversion and scripting
Kiss tedious tasks goodbye with powerful batch processing and scripting features. Rename, resize, or reformat hundreds of files at a time.

Drag and drop tagging
Add tags and keywords to your images in just a few seconds. Custom keyword dictionaries let you keep tags consistent throughout your workgroup.

ICC color profile
Preserve color integrity in your images with full support for ICC color profiles throughout your workflow.

Industry-standard metadata
Fully extensible meta data, XMP support, custom meta data additions: We've got you covered!


  • Supports rendering of Capture One adjustments up to 9.1 

  • Support for OSX 10.11 

  • Fixed sporadic problem with auxiliary le handling 

  • Fix for potential crash while importing MS O ce documents 

  • Recent Catalogs menu now sorted by modi cation date 

  • Fixed ability to reliably drag and drop from Capture One to rebuild MP items 

  • Improved licensing UI to prevent country-based activation problems. 

  • “Date Finder” section of Organize pane now displays localized day/month names 
properly Bug xes for Mac 

  • Fixed code signing for newer OS X releases. 

  • Auto Update folders show green on newer OS X releases. 

  • Fixed script “Copy from items with Same Name” 

  • “Date Finder” section of Organize pane now displays localized day/month names 

Known Issues
  • Color management is not enabled when using the Phase One rendering engine with some monitor pro les. 

  • Interface is not optimized for Retina resolution displays 

  • Images with dates before 1925 are not read correctly 


  • Title: Phase One Media Pro SE 2.1.0
  • Developer: PhaseOne
  • Compatibility: OS X 10.9.5 or later, 64-bit processor
  • Language: English, French, German
  • Includes: K
  • Size: 210.26 MB
  • Official website

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