Visual Studio Code 1.78.0

Visual Studio Code 1.78.0

Visual Studio Code provides developers with a new choice of developer tool that combines the simplicity and streamlined experience of a code editor with the best of what developers need for their core code-edit-debug cycle. Visual Studio Code is the first code editor, and first cross-platform development tool - supporting macOS, Linux, and Windows - in the Visual Studio family.

At its heart, Visual Studio Code features a powerful, fast code editor great for day-to-day use. The Preview release of Code already has many of the features developers need in a code and text editor, including navigation, keyboard support with customizable bindings, syntax highlighting, bracket matching, auto indentation, and snippets, with support for dozens of languages.

For serious coding, developers often need to work with code as more than just text. Visual Studio Code includes built-in support for always-on IntelliSense code completion, richer semantic code understanding and navigation, and code refactoring. In the Preview, Code includes enriched built-in support for ASP.NET 5 development with C#, and Node.js development with TypeScript and jаvascript, powered by the same underlying technologies that drive Visual Studio. Code includes great tooling for web technologies such as HTML, CSS, LESS, SASS, and JSON. Code also integrates with package managers and repositories, and builds and other common tasks to make everyday workflows faster. And Code understands Git, and delivers great Git workflows and source diffs integrated with the editor.

What's New:

Version 1.78.0:

  • Accessibility improvements - Better screen reader support, new audio cues.
  • New color themes - "Modern" light and dark color theme defaults.
  • Profile templates - Built-in templates for Python, Java, Data Science, and more.
  • Drag and drop selector - Choose how you'd like item links placed into the editor.
  • Standalone color picker - Color picker UI to insert or modify color formats.
  • Quick Fixes for Source Control input - Fix spelling and other errors right in the input box.
  • Markdown drag and drop videos - Easily add video tags in Markdown files.
  • Notebooks insert images as attachments - Choose between an image link, path, or attachment.
  • Git LFS and VS Code for the Web - Use for repos with Git Large File Storage.
  • VS Code Day 2023 - Catch up on the sessions in the YouTube playlist.


  • Title: Visual Studio Code 1.78.0
  • Developer: Microsoft Corporation
  • Compatibility: macOS 10.11 or later
  • Language: Multilingual
  • Includes: Free
  • Size: 202.72 MB
  • visit official website



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