Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 v20.0.7

Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 v20.0.7

Adobe Photoshop CC 2019, the industry standard for digital image processing and editing, delivers a comprehensive package of professional retouching tools, and is packed with powerful editing features designed to inspire.

If you can think it, you can make it with Photoshop CC, the world’s best imaging and graphic design software. Create and enhance photographs, illustrations, and 3D artwork. Design websites and mobile apps. Edit videos, simulate real-life paintings, and more. It’s everything you need to make any idea real.

Designed for anyone to design anything.
From posters to packaging, basic banners to beautiful websites, unforgettable logos to eye-catching icons, Photoshop keeps the creative world moving. With intuitive tools and easy-to-use templates, even beginners can make something amazing.

Not just photo taking. Breathtaking.
Whether you’re looking for everyday edits or total transformations, our graphic design software offers a complete set of professional photography tools to turn your snapshots into works of art. Adjust, crop, remove objects, retouch, and repair old photos. Play with color, effects, and more to turn the ordinary into something extraordinary.

Power to the paintbrush.
Draw and paint whatever you dream up with tools designed especially for illustrators. Paint in perfectly symmetrical patterns. Get polished looks with stroke smoothing. And create with pencils, pens, markers, and brushes that feel real — including more than 1,000 from celebrated illustrator Kyle T. Webster.

What's New:

Version 20.0: 
Frame Tool for easy masking:
  • Easily mask images by placing them into frames Use the Frame Tool (K) to quickly create rectangular or elliptical placeholder frames You can also convert any shape or text into frames and fill it with images
  • To place an image into a frame, simply drag-and-drop an Adobe Stock asset or a libraries asset from the Libraries panel or from your local disk - the image automatically scales to fit the frame Content placed in frames is always placed as Smart Objects so that it can be scaled non-destructively
Content-Aware Fill reimagined:
  • Powered by Adobe Sensei
  • A new, dedicated Content-Aware Fill workspace provides you an interactive editing experience to achieve seamless fill results. You can now choose which source pixels to use and rotate, scale, and mirror the source pixels thanks to Adobe Sensei technology. You also get a live full-resolution preview of the changes and an option to save the result to a new layer
New multiple undo mode:
  • You can now use Control + Z (Win) / Command + Z (Mac) to undo multiple steps in your Photoshop document, just like in other Creative Cloud apps. The new multiple undo mode is enabled by default
Usability improvements: Reference Point hidden by default:
  • While transforming items, you can now easily move items on the canvas. The reference point that appeared while transforming items is now hidden by default. You can select the Toggle Reference Point check box in the Options bar if you want the reference point to appear
Double-click to edit text:
  • You can now double-click a Type layer with the Move tool to quickly begin editing the text in your document. You do not need to switch tools anymore to edit text
  • Efficiently crop, transform, and place or enter text with auto-commit. You no longer need to press Enter (Win) / Return (macOS) or click the Commit button in the Options bar to commit your changes
Transform proportionally by default:
  • Photoshop now transforms all layer types (such as pixel layers, type layers, shape layers, bitmaps, Placed Smart Objects) proportionally by default
  • When transforming a layer, you no longer need to hold down the Shift key while dragging a corner handle to resize a selected layer to constrain its proportions. Anytime you drag a corner handle during transform and move it, the layer resizes proportionally. Holding down the Shift key now resizes non-proportionally when you drag a corner handle during transform
Prevent accidental panel moves with Lock Workspace:
  • Use the new Lock Workspace option to prevent accidentally moving workspace panels, particularly when you’re using Photoshop on a tablet/stylus. To access this option, choose Window > Workspace > Lock Workspace
Live blend mode preview:
  • You can now scroll over different blend mode options to see how they look on your image. Photoshop displays a live preview of blend modes on the canvas when you scroll over different blend mode options in the Layers panel and the Layer Style dialog
Symmetry mode:
  • Paint your brush strokes in a perfectly symmetrical pattern. While using the Paint Brush, Mixer Brush, Pencil, or Eraser tools, click the butterfly icon () in the Options bar. Choose from the several available types of symmetry - Vertical, Horizontal, Dual Axis, Diagonal, Wavy, Circle, Spiral, Parallel Lines, Radial, Mandala. As you paint, the strokes are reflected live across the line of symmetry, allowing you to easily create intricate symmetrical patterns
Color Wheel to choose colors:
  • Use the Color Wheel to visualize the color spectrum and easily choose colors based on harmonies such as complementary colors and analogous colors. From the Color panel fly-out menu, choose Color Wheel
Home screen:
  • Get started quickly with the Photoshop Home screen. Access it at any time to find out about new features, connect to learning content, and jump right to your open documents. Click the new Home icon in the Options bar to access the Home screen at any point
Improved in-app learning:
  • After completing an in-app tutorial (Learn panel), you can now use your own images to get the looks you want in less time
Top customer-requested features:
  • You can now distribute the spacing between the objects. Photoshop can already distribute objects by evenly spacing their center points. If your objects are different sizes, you now get an even spacing between them
Math in number fields:
  • You can also perform simple math in any input box that accepts numeric values. For example, you can now type in simple math operations like 200/2, which gets calculated as 100 and inputs that final value into the field. This is very useful when trying to quickly get to a multiple of a value, or divide something up
Ability to see long layer names:
  • For long layer names, Photoshop now retains the beginning and end of the layer name and puts an ellipses (...) in the middle of the name. Previously, the layer name used to get cut off at the end with ellipses
Match Font now support Japanese fonts:
  • You can now search Japanese fonts with Match Font. Using Adobe Sensei, Match Font allows you to detect text included in the selected area of an image and match it to licensed fonts on your computer or on Adobe Fonts, suggesting similar fonts
Preference to increase UI size:
  • Get more control when scaling the Photoshop UI, and adjust it independent of your other apps to get the font size just right. In the Interface preferences (Edit >Preferences > Interface), a new setting Scale UI To Font has been introduced. When you select this new setting, the entire Photoshop UI scales based on the UI Font Size drop-down value you've chosen - Tiny, Small, Medium, or Large
Support for South East Asian scripts:
  • Photoshop now includes the support for five new South East Asian languages, so your documents can include text in these scripts: Thai, Burmese, Lao, Sinhalese, and Khmer
Other enhancements:
  • Flip document view
  • Quickly flip your canvas horizontally. Choose View > Flip Horizontal
  • Lorem Ipsum placeholder text
  • Get 'Lorem Ipsum' as placeholder text while placing new type layers in your document. In Type preferences (Edit > Preferences > Type), select Fill New Type Layers With Placeholder Text
  • Customize keyboard shortcuts for Select and Mask
  • You can now modfy the shortcut keys for Select and Mask workspace. Choose Edit > Keyboards Shortcuts. In the Keyboard Shortcuts And Menus dialog, choose Taskspaces from the Shortcuts For menu. In the Taskspace command column, expand the Select and Mask set to edit the shortcuts as required


  • Title: Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 v20.0.7
  • Developer: Adobe Systems
  • Compatibility: macOS 10.12 or later, 64-bit processor
  • Language: Multilangual
  • Includes: K
  • Size: 1.68 GB
  • visit official website



Comments 24

SimonTemplar 31 October 2018 14:55
Hi, who doesn´t know "PS" ? Unfortunely I could not Install this versão... :-(, perhaps its Ive already updated to Mojave 10.11.1.
Im reusing the previous version, 19.1.6 so its not really a great deal of a problem for me.
dmx 31 October 2018 15:01
Why could not install?
SimonTemplar 31 October 2018 15:17
Well the installation runs OK, keeping PS to call home using "MURUS" but when i try to open this version of "PS" it just stays in a openning state without starting the usual "PS" UI whatsoever...
dmx 31 October 2018 15:23
added installation instructions
SimonTemplar 31 October 2018 15:26
Ok, thanks !
dmx 5 November 2018 15:38
Included Adobe Zii Ai:Ps v4.0.1
What's new v.4.0.1:
- Fixed: Home Screen (Loading circle that keeps going in circles.)
Gerard Clouthier
Gerard Clouthier 8 November 2018 21:21
Quote: dmx
Included Adobe Zii Ai:Ps v4.0.1
What's new v.4.0.1:
- Fixed: Home Screen (Loading circle that keeps going in circles.)

Hi, do you have Adobe Zii 4.0.1 alone?
SimonTemplar 15 November 2018 15:39
Hi, for what its worth, this package was installed smoothly in my Mac running under maos 10.14.1. Of course, YOU MUST INSTALL PREVIOUSLY an outgoing good firewall software.
Im not in any way related to "InsMac,org", im just a mac user like you and im using "MURUS Suite" that HAS NEVET LET ME DOWN always running 24/7 in the background of the Mojave operating system.
EWorld 22 February 2019 01:08
I canb not install PS. Not matter which Version I try to download. Even 2018 CC is not working for me.
Always says:
The installation cannot continue as the installer file may be damaged. Download the installer file again.

I downloaded every version numours times with no luck at all.

Running Mojave 10.14.3
Any tipps how I can get PS to work?
Miki 22 February 2019 06:43
Quote: EWorld
The installation cannot continue as the installer file may be damaged.

Fix damaged App
EWorld 22 February 2019 21:37
Quote: Miki
Quote: EWorld
The installation cannot continue as the installer file may be damaged.

Fix damaged App

Nope, still not working. :(
Miki 23 February 2019 07:50
Quote: EWorld
Nope, still not working. :(

everyone works and does not work for you
incy 24 February 2019 01:35
can't find the installer file rage can someone please tell me where it is.

Mark 24 February 2019 07:18
Quote: incy
can't find the installer file rage can someone please tell me where it is.

Eberro 24 February 2019 13:30
Do you have to go to nitroflare to download? I need nitroflare premium since its more than 1gb. Is there another way?
foxino 25 February 2019 22:29
Hi guys this package doesnt work. Inside of DMG file is only Adobe Zli 2019 in folder Extra is but doesnt work. get ERROR: The Instasllation cannot continue as the installer file may be damaged. Donwload the installer file again. So stupid..
Mark 26 February 2019 06:24
Quote: foxino
Hi guys this package doesnt work. Inside of DMG file is only Adobe Zli 2019 in folder Extra is but doesnt work. get ERROR: The Instasllation cannot continue as the installer file may be damaged. Donwload the installer file again. So stupid..

Disable Gatekeeper
iblaqq 24 June 2019 01:49
Hey none of you guys bought it,by faith we download hoping it works so patient please, Adobe is losing very soon please switch to Affinity,but in the mean time wait for another Photoshop update keep ya beautiful fingers cross.Make Affinity popular.
Thanks and GOD bless you all
Saskia 21 July 2019 20:10
Adobe Zii 2019 4.3.6 quit unexpectedly.
Mojave 10.14.5 :-(
Miki 22 July 2019 07:30
Quote: Saskia
Adobe Zii 2019 4.3.6 quit unexpectedly.

If Crashes when opening >
jstcoops 27 July 2019 22:16
i'm using Mojive 10.14.5 and it worked for me
first i got the "The installation cannot continue as the installer file may be damaged. Download the installer file again" when i clicked the installer so instead do this:

mount PS
open "extra" folder
right click the "install"
click "Show Package contents"
open "Contents" Folder
open "MacOS" Folder
double click on "Install"
photoshop installs!
close photoshop
run Adobe Zii Patch
patch complete!
now use photoshop
bujinframus 2 August 2019 10:14
Hi !
I used Mojave too.
It worked fine one day for me.
after that, i was prompted by the adobe creative cloud connexion ID. Impossible to use photoshop then.

I don't know how to fix that
sanchenko_k 26 September 2019 17:06
how I can download if when I try to download I got "This file to big"
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