GarageSale 7.0.14

GarageSale 7.0.14

GarageSale is a slick, full-featured client application for the eBay online auction system.

Create and manage your auctions with ease. With GarageSale, you can create, edit, track, and manage multiple auctions in a single, intuitive application. GarageSale even integrates with several international eBay sites, as well as with PayPal and Twitter, to provide a complete, robust eBay client.

Develop professional, attractive listings. GarageSale features iPhoto integration, what-you-see-is-what-you-get (WYSIWYG) text editing, free image hosting, and over 130 free auction designs. And with these features, among many more, it's never been easier to create professional, eye-catching eBay listings.

What's New:

Version 7.0.14:
  • Adds graphical indicators in listing editor mode for gallery images and images with captions
  • Fixed an issue where the 'Exclude Locations' list in the shipping panel remained empty
  • Fixed an issue where incomplete category data was downloaded from eBay when no or an invalid eBay token was available
  • The list of fields selected to be searched from the search popup menu is saved
  • When manually re-listing items, the re-listed listing is now selected instead of the original listing
  • Re-listed listing are now inserted into the hierarchy at the correct position
  • Fixed a possible crash during re-listing, when the re-listed became part of a smart group
  • Improved 'Reveal Original' command for smart groups items
  • Fixed a possible crash during re-list when no account token is present
  • Multi-selection overview updates after smart group rules are changed
  • Increased width of number input field in smart group editor
  • Prevents an eBay warning about 'eBay Plus' from showing up when listing on eBay Germany
  • Added a 'Reset Overview Sort Order' command which restores outline view sort order in overview table view
  • Inventory CSV import now accepts semicolons as column separators
  • Added an AppleScript example demonstrating the usage of the 'duplicate listing' command
  • Unified spelling of several menu commands
  • Menu of external image editors is alphabetically sorted
  • Fixed a bug that caused smart groups with rules for certain amounts to show wrong results
  • When moving original listings during a relist to a new folder, that folder doesn't get automatically expanded anymore
  • When switching to search mode and the original selection cannot be restored, the first found item gets selected
  • Best offer details are available as separate field for revising listings on eBay
  • Amount columns in table overview now correctly update when amounts change
  • Fix a crash when changing certain attributes through popups for a listing selected in a smart group
  • Fixed a display issue with sales tax inspector
  • Improved detection of "feedback received" flag
  • The 'quantity sold' property for orders is now available exposed through AppleScript
  • When importing listings from an XML file, images from an inventory item linked through an SKU are no correctly added to the imported listing
  • Shipping destinations for international shipping services can be set via AppleScript
  • Disabled accounts are no longer available for starting listings are creating scheduler events
  • The 'show only exact matches only' search option is now saved to preferences
  • Content area correctly reflects current selection after an drag & drop operation in outline view
  • Selection is retained when switching between table and image overview
  • When activating image overview, it shows correct content, when outline view selection was previously changed while in table overview
  • The 'Cancel' button in the 'Wait on Quit" panel now works correctly


  • Title: GarageSale 7.0.14
  • Developer: Iwascoding
  • Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later
  • Language: English
  • Includes: K'ed by TNT
  • Size: 38.15 MB
  • visit official website



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