Find Any File (FAF) Pro 2.5 beta2

Find Any File (FAF) Pro 2.5 beta2

Find Any File searches your local disks for files by name, creation or modification date, size, or type and creator code (not by content, though).

As there are other tools with a similar search operation, here are the special features unique to Find Any File:

  • Has a new hierarchical view of the found items, making it much easier to browse 100s of items (see the screenshot).
  • Can run as root user, finding really any file on your disk, even those that are hidden from normal users.
  • Can save queries and run them again later.

Unlike Spotlight (i.e., the Finder's Find command), it does not access a pre-built database but searches the chosen volume directly. This allows you to find any file, even those inside packages and others excluded from Spotlight search. Hence it is great for finding system files, for example.

On the other hand, it may take a little longer than Spotlight, and it is only fast on HFS(+) volumes. But even on mounted network volumes of a Mac OS X server it can still be surprisingly fast.

Hence, this is not an entire replacement for Spotlight but it can come handy in certain, if not many, situations.

What's New:

Version 2.4

  • The rule "Name ends with" now excludes the extension, so that “Name ends with pies” finds a file named “Recipies.txt”.
  • The “Path” rule now matches on the entire path, not just on the item's enclosing path any more.
  • The rule “Kind is not Video” does now correctly exclude video files.
  • The search rules have been re-arranged and modernized.
  • Fixes issues with searching Google Drive.
  • When choosing the iCloud folder as a search location, FAF will search all iCloud related application folders, not just the "iCloud Drive" folder.
  • Searching a folder (instead of entire volume) now properly skips excluded folders again.
  • When performing another search while looking at the results of a previous search, the new Results window won't pop up in front any more.
  • Improvements to displaying results in Dark Mode.
  • The menu bar now offers a "Join Beta Program" command, for getting access to pre-releases of FAF in the future, via Apple's TestFlight program.
  • The purchase date in the About window is now shown correctly.
  • Issues with the Toolbar in the Results window have been fixed. Now you can choose to show the smaller icons or the wider text labels. To do that, ctrl-click into the toolbar to customize it, and drag the desired toolbar items in or out.
  • Determining the Finder selection doesn't stall FAF any more (this used to happen whenever FAF was activated).


  • Title: Find Any File (FAF) Pro 2.5 beta2
  • Developer: Thomas Tempelmann
  • Compatibility: macOS 10.12 or later
  • Language: English
  • Includes: K'ed by TNT
  • Size: 16.15 MB
  • visit official website



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