Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 v22.0.1

Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 v22.0.1

Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 is the industry standard vector-drawing environment for designing across media. Express your creative vision with shapes, color, effects, and typography. Work with speed and stability on large, complex files, and move designs efficiently among Adobe's creative applications.

What's New:

Version 22.0.0:
Note: Now requires OS X 10.11 or later.

Properties Panel:
Work faster with access to all your controls in one place. The new and intelligent Properties panel shows you only the controls you need, when you need them:
Puppet Warp:
  • Transform your vector graphics while maintaining a natural look. Puppet Warp lets you quickly create or modify a graphic without having to adjust individual paths or anchor points.
More Artboards:
  • Now Illustrator lets you create up to 1,000 artboards on a single canvas so you can work with more content in each document.
Stylistic Sets:
  • Apply predefined glyph alternates to an entire block of text without having to individually select and change each glyph.
Easier Artboard Organization:
  • Select multiple artboards at one time, and align and organize them automatically on your canvas in just a click. Objects locked to an artboard now move with it.
SVG Color Fonts:
  • Design with fonts that include multiple colors, gradients, and transparencies thanks to support for SVG OpenType fonts.
Variable Fonts:
  • Illustrator supports OpenType variable fonts, so you can modify a font's weight, width, and other attributes to create your own style - while still maintaining fidelity to the original design.
Macbook Pro Touch Bar Support:
  • Get instant access to core tools right when you need them on the contextual MacBook Pro Touch Bar.
Manage text in Creative Cloud Libraries:
  • Libraries in Illustrator now support text, so you can store and access the passages you use most - like taglines, brand marketing descriptions, and other placeholder copy. Plus, share text between Illustrator and InDesign libraries.
  • Also includes: Faster launch times and greater stability.


  • Title: Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 v22.0.1
  • Developer: Adobe Systems
  • Compatibility: OS X 10.11 or later, 64-bit processor
  • Language: Multilangual
  • Includes: Adobe Zii 3.0
  • Size: 2.18 GB
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