Outline 3.2101.0

Outline 3.2101.0

Notes with more creative freedom, better organization, and PDF export options. OneNote compatible & Office 365 powered. Take your OneNote to the cloud you like best or even local.

Capture notes at any spot on a page and draggable around. Organize notes in the world's most natural hierarchy. Store notes in your local file system, and synced across devices with your favorite cloud.

Powered with import from Evernote and Circus Ponies.

  • Give your OneNote notes a new start beyond OneDrive or SharePoint
  • Export to OneNote, just in case
  • Go beyond import/export and do a real time collaboration on notes with colleagues who use OneNote (your Mac and their PCs)
  • Choose where you want to store your notes: Dropbox, iCloud, WebDAV, Box, or OneDrive
  • Consider a no-cloud option too: some notes need offline and cloud-free privacy
  • Mind the coming-soon: SharePoint, OneDrive for Business / Office 365
  • Find everything a note needs by the hand: text, lists, tables, images, checkboxes, hyperlinks, and more
  • Put that stuff anywhere in a note and then move around / re-size / edit it all, the way you like
  • Keep notes structured in a natural hierarchy of pages, sections, and notebooks
  • Access a note fast via recents, search, and note links
  • Manage font size and color, apply styles and highlighting
  • Attach files and insert printouts, to collect documents in one place
  • From OneNote
  • From Circus Ponies
  • From Evernote

What's New:

Version 3.2011.0
General Improvements
  • BigSur compatibility
  • New app icon
  • New icons in notebook tree control
  • Removed deprecated features (Imprort from CircusPonnies and Evernote/Insert Photo from Camera)
  • Small imnprovements in label texts
  • Unified functionality in notebook delete/close for various storages
  • Redesigned Link window
  • Disabled creating new notebooks in Outline format

General Bug Fixes
  • MacOS. Incorrect symbols appear while scaling
  • App crashes when adding expanded macOS package as an attachment
  • Fixes in Share extension functionality
Improvemens/bug fixes in text editor
  • Reworked internal paste functionality. This fixed many old problems with various content
  • Fixed problems with lists in tables
  • Select next table cell when Tab key is pressed
  • Clicking/tapping below the last paragraph in outline should add new line
  • Delete LF when deleting selection across paragraphs
  • Tags in outlines are sometimes not redrawn on change after pasting text into it
  • Clicking above outline to start selection moves that outline below
  • Paste new image on page, not into empty outline
  • Shift pasted content left to the nearest content node (trim left)
  • Fixes in page zoom functiuonality
  • Added smooth scrolling
  • Text Formatting not applied sometimes when pasting substring into existing text
  • List marker is lost when you copy content into list item
  • List items order displayed incorrectly after paste sometimes
  • List marker remains when paste only part of list item text
  • Fixed problems with lists in tables
  • Auto-detect Latin and Roman letter lists
  • Del key press before a list works incorrectly
  • Paste of several paragraphs in the beginning of the list can cause loosing some list markers
  • List auto-formatting should not happen when you are not after the list marker candidate
  • Sometimes formatting is lost when copying list items from other apps to Outline
  • Table is expanded after copying list in it and reloading a page
  • Not all nested (tabbed) content is pasted into table cell
  • Sometimes you unable to position cursor in a table cell when you click at the right side of the text


  • Title: Outline 3.2101.0
  • Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor
  • Language: English
  • Includes: K'ed by TNT
  • Size: 49.96 MB
  • View in Mac App Store



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