SnippetsLab 2.4.1

SnippetsLab 2.4.1

SnippetsLab is an easy-to-use snippets management tool. It helps you to collect and organize valuable code snippets, and makes sure that you have easy access to them whenever you want.


  • Beautiful user interface with both light and dark themes
  • Syntax highlighting for over 350 languages
  • Markdown snippets (edit & preview)
  • Create nested folders, Smart Groups, and shortcuts
  • Add notes & tags to a snippet
  • Include multiple fragments in a single snippet (useful when one snippet logically consists of multiple separate "parts," such as a header and an implementation, or different solutions to one problem; every fragment under one snippet can have its own language and note)
  • Multiple windows & pin individual window at the top of the screen
  • Use advanced search (search by folder/tags/languages) to find your snippets instantly
  • Use iCloud to synchronize your database across multiple devices
  • Export the library to JSON, XML or plain text files
  • Use the SnippetsLab Assistant to search, browse and create snippets right from the menu bar
  • Automatic backups to ensure data safety
  • Support for printing, sharing, macOS Services, Force Touch, etc.


  • Data Sync: Customize the library location to use 3rd-party file-based sync services (such as Dropbox or Google Drive).
  • CodeBox: Import from CodeBox Library (.cbxml) files
  • Gist: Import from GitHub Gist & publish your snippets as gists. SnippetsLab supports both and GitHub Enterprise accounts (Note: Two-way sync is not supported.)
  • Alfred Custom Search: Start searching from Alfred using the “snippetslab://search/{query}” URL scheme
  • Alfred Workflow: Search and view the results directly in Alfred, open them in SnippetsLab, copy to clipboard or paste to the frontmost app (Note: Alfred Powerpack required)

What's New:

Version 2.4

New Features

  • Customize the toolbar by rearranging and removing existing buttons, or adding new ones for frequently used features.
  • Tags and custom notes are now visible in snippets list by default, with options to further customize the layout.
  • Assign colors to tags for better organization and visual clarity.
  • Deleted snippets are now moved to a new trash folder.
  • Lock a snippet to prevent accidental changes.


  • Added 21 new languages including ASN.1, BQN, Blueprint, Linux desktop file, DNS Zone, GraphQL, JSX, Kusto, ldaprc, LDIF, OpenSCAD, PRQL, NVIDIA PTX, systemd, TLS Presentation Language, urlencoded, Verifpal, Visual Prolog Grammar, Visual Prolog, Vyper, and YARA.
  • Set tags in Assistant when creating new snippets.
  • New keyboard shortcuts for Assistant: Shift-Command-1 to open browse mode, Shift-Command-2 to open create mode, and Shift-Command-0 to open main window.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for Assistant actions now work on the selected fragment when Quick Look is open.
  • The app now remembers last used settings for library import and export.
  • Optimized automatic backups to retain recent versions at various intervals.
  • New search option that limits search results to the current folder or tag.
  • New code formatting support for GraphQL; improved existing formatters.
  • More custom symbols for folders and smart groups.
  • Various improvements to existing languages.

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed multiple issues related to Markdown syntax highlighting.
  • Fixed an issue when importing from Quiver where some images links may not be converted correctly.
  • Fixed a possible hang when formatting longer snippets.
  • Fixed a possible crash when saving the library or creating backups.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.


  • Title: SnippetsLab 2.4.1
  • Developer: Renfei Song
  • Compatibility: macOS 11.0 or later
  • Language: English
  • Includes: K'ed by TNT
  • Size: 72.89 MB
  • View in Mac App Store



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Erick Dotor
Erick Dotor 12 May 2016 03:35
Lo he probado y funciona estupendamente!!!!!
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