LightPaper 1.4

LightPaper 1.4

LightPaper is a simple, beautiful, powerful, yet free text editor for passionate writers. You can use LightPaper to write any kind of text documents -- blogs, articles, notes, READMEs, TODOs, or the next chapter of your new novel. Its simple interface gets out of your way, allowing you to focus on writing. To remove distractions, you can switch to Distraction-Free Mode to completely immerse yourself in your current paragraph. It comes bundled with a handful of themes and beautiful fonts. You can also easily create your own themes or add existing ones.

  • Built-in folder navigator
  • Multi-tabs
  • Markdown and MultiMarkdown support
  • Live preview
  • Built-in and custom styles for both editor and preview
  • Distraction-Free Mode
  • Quick Open
  • PDF/HTML/audio export
  • GitHub flavored Code Blocks support
  • Math rendering support in output
  • Syntax highlighting for code blocks


Version 1.4:
  • New unsaved files are restored automatically when closing the application without asking you to save first. If you close a tab, however, you'll be prompted to save it first if it is unsaved.
  • Added a new syntax highlighting theme - Solarized.
  • One click document open. Save yourself a click as you don't have to double click to open a document. Single click will temporarily open a document. To permanently open a document, double click like usual.
  • One click folder toggle. A single click will expand/ collapse a folder in the navigator.
  • LightPaper Mini - added a slider to change the width/height ratio of the mini popover window. This can be accessed from the preferences.
  • You can now sort sidebar items (except Folders) using different options. Right-click on one of the FAVORITES, SCRATCH NOTES, SHADOW NOTES headers for Sorting Options.
  • You can now use shortcuts to jump between editor and the sidebar. See View > Jump to Sidebar and View > Jump to Editor for available shortcuts.
  • You can now use CMD+ENTER to open a sidebar item instead of using your mouse and double clicking it.

  • Added a "Close All Tabs" menu item
  • A document's base URL is always set to its parent folder by default
  • Editor outline now recognizes --- and === tags for headers as well
  • Syntax highlight now supports more languages out of the box including SQL
  • Scratch and Shadow notes are now restored as well when opening the app.
  • Scratch and Shadow notes are automatically saved when closing the app.
  • App will now remember your expanded folders from the previous session.
  • Changed the placements of both editor outline and preview outline
  • LightPaper now always remembers opened folder not just when restarting the app.
  • Don't autobullet if ENTER is done at the beginning of the line
  • When trying to open a folder, focus it instead if it is already opened
  • LightPaper now remembers the order of files when restoring them.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where margin would set to 0 for some Mac Sierra users
  • Fixed a bug where the app would crash on closing if there is at least one unsaved document
  • Fixed navigator jumpiness when opening a document
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes multiple copies of LightPaper mini would run
  • Fixed a bug where distraction free mode would show a white border when using a dark theme
  • Multiple copies of mini documents are opened instead of selecting the tab
  • Remove fixed header font size from default LightPaper themes
  • Clicking out of a pinned shadow note without hitting save doesn't save the note in some cases.
  • CMD+3 closes the external window if it is already open
  • CMD+S doesn't work for an untitled document
  • LightPaper Mini doesn't start for some users
  • Other few minor bugfixes


  • Title: LightPaper 1.4
  • Developer: lightpaper.42squares
  • Compatibility: OS X 10.9 or later, 64-bit processor
  • Language: English
  • Includes: Pre-K'ed
  • Size: 16.17 MB
  • visit official website



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