iFinance 4.3.1

iFinance 4.3.1

iFinance allows you to keep track of your income and spending -- from your lunchbreak coffee to your new car -- in the most convenient and fastest way. Clearly arranged transaction lists of all your financial resources from your debit account to your credit card and cash show you exactly what you spend your money on - the first and most crucial step in getting your finances on-track. iFinance lets you know how your assets perform. Have it analyze your finances and the available charts and reports will show you instantly what your biggest spending items are and where there's potential for savings. The convenient budget feature helps you review your financial goals. How much money can you spend today if you want to stay within your budget? How much more income is needed to achieve your monthly goal?

It supports several different banking file formats, such as CSV, QIF, OFX, and mt940. Import your data by using one of these formats or retrieve your bank account transactions via OFX direct-connect. Please note that not all banks support OFX direct-connect. Please check out our free demo version if you are unsure about your bank’s online features.

Keep iFinance up-to-date on all your devices using iCloud or the enhanced WiFi-Sync feature. Once you establish a WiFi connection, Sync takes all new entries that you made on your Mac at the office or on your iPhone while you were on-the-go and merges them into a single, up-to-date version. WiFi Sync allows multiple users to manage the same database. This may become useful, for example, if you are in charge of a club's or association's finances, or if you manage a bank account with another person.

What's New:

Version 4.3 (4.3.1):
  • New: Contacts can be assigned to accounts as the account holder. Note: This allows analyses to take transfers into account when filtering for contacts. This means that transfers will no longer be shown as "without contact". This way transfers can also be filtered by their account that belongs to a certain contact. Additionally, transfers can now be shown in a contacts list of corresponding transactions.
  • New: Automatic detection of transfers between accounts when importing via HBCI/FinTS or CSV file. Note: When this is active, transactions will be matched if both clearly refer to the other's account (e.g. by IBAN). Also, the amount and date of both transactions have to match each other, otherwise they will not be connected.
  • New: The category list can be searched when assigning a category to a transaction
  • New: Added search bar to the database manager (use cmd+f)
  • New: Added option to close the database after a certain time of inactivity
  • New: CSV export supports export of IBAN, BIC, account number and routing number of an assigned account relationship (or target account of a transfer).
  • New: CSV import supports import of a payers or payees IBAN, BIC, acocunt number and rounting number
  • New: CSV import supports automatic contact assignment, automatic creation of new contacts and automatic transfer detection
  • New: Added option to reverse the sort order of transactions on the same day when sorting by date (see app preferences)
  • New: Added support for currencies with 1/1000 sub units, such as: Tunisian dinar, Bahraini dinar, Iraqi dinar, Kuwaiti dinar, Libyan dinar, Rial
  • additional new currency: Gibraltar pound
  • New countries: Faroe Islands, Georgia, Gibraltar, Lebanon, Bahrain, Kuwait, Libya, Oman
  • Improved: "Duplicate for today" now works with multi selection
  • Improved: The contact autocompletion will now show if a contact or the account details of a contact will be assigned
  • Improved: Sorting transactions by check number now correctly compares numbers instead of characters
  • Improved: iFinance will now show if a transaction is marked as new when comparing transactions during a conflict merge
  • Improved speed when downloading data from certain banks
  • Improved detection of girocodes
  • Many new icons
  • Modernized memory management
  • Many more improvements and bug fixes


  • Title: iFinance 4.3.1
  • Developer: Synium Software GmbH
  • Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor
  • Language: English
  • Includes: K'ed by TNT
  • Size: 28.5 MB
  • View in Mac App Store



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