Ableton Live 10 Suite v10.1.41

Ableton Live 10 Suite v10.1.41

Live is fast, fluid and flexible software for music creation and performance. It comes with effects, instruments, sounds and all kinds of creative features—everything you need to make any kind of music. Create in a traditional linear arrangement, or improvise without the constraints of a timeline in Live’s Session View. Move freely between musical elements and play with ideas, without stopping the music and without breaking your flow.

What's New in Ableton Live Suite 10:
Create with new devices
Meet Wavetable, Echo, Drum Buss and Pedal: new devices that mean colorful new sounds are possible with Live’s instruments and effects.

Stay in the flow
You’ll find improvements to Live that help you stay in the flow at every stage of your creative process, whether you’re getting ideas down, organizing your setup or editing the details of your music.

Do even more from Push
Live 10 brings new functionality and new high-res visualizations to Push. Now you’ll spend even less time with the computer—whether you’re composing ideas, editing MIDI or shaping and mixing sounds.

New library of sound
With new collections of Packs, Live 10 has more sounds that are ready for finished music, right out of the box. They’re set up for tweaking to your needs or taking in different directions. Plus the library has been reorganized to make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

Max for Live – no limits, built in
Max technology is now fully integrated into Live 10 Suite. No additional download or set up is required to create with and customize Max For Live devices. They just work. Plus new devices and capabilities bring more possibilities for musicians and device developers.

What's New:

Version 10.1.40:

New features and improvements:

  • Added support for the Roland Fantom.
  • Added control surface support for the M-Audio Hammer 88 Pro, Oxygen Pro Mini and Oxygen MKV Series.

The functionality of the Oxygen Pro control surface script has been drastically changed. Specifically:

  • The Rewind and Fastforward buttons will now rewind and fastforward the Arrangement position.
  • Turning the Encoder will now scroll the Session frame up and down.
  • Holding the Encoder down and turning it will scroll the selected Scene up and down.
  • The Knobs can now control multiple features (Device parameters, Track Panning, Track Sends and, in the case of the 25 key, Track Volume) that can be selected
  • by holding down Shift and pressing the Pads used for DAW KNOB CONTROL. Additionally, it is possible to toggle between controlling Send A and Send B
  • by holding down Shift and pressing the SENDS Pad.
  • Live's Takeover feature is now enforced for the Knobs and Faders when switching between DAW and Preset Modes.
  • The Pads now provide LED feedback in respect to Clip/Clip Slot states in Live.
  • The Buttons beneath the Faders can now control multiple features (Track Arming, Track Muting, Track Soloing and Track Selection) that can be toggled
  • between via the Mode button.
  • Fixed an issue where the Session frame was visible even when the hardware was not connected.
  • On the Arturia KeyLab MkII, the master fader button will cycle the mapping of the encoders between Pan, Send A, Send B, and device parameters. The faders now always control volume.
  • The PreSonus Faderport and Faderport 8 will be autodetected by Live. The Faderport 16 still requires manual setup, but Faderport 16 and 16 XT will appear in the control surface dropdown menu.
  • When using the Novation Launchkey MK3 or Launchkey Mini MK3 control surface script, the Record Button will now toggle the Arrangement Record Button when in Arrangement View.
  • On Windows, pressing "Alt" in Live now shows Menu Accelerator Keys to open menu bar items, as is the behavior in standard Windows applications.
  • The Arturia KeyLab 49/61/88 control surfaces once again work as expected.
  • Updated the bundled Max build to version 8.1.11.
  • For the changelog, visit:


  • Fixed an issue where Live hangs when zooming in Arrangement View in some case.
  • On Windows, Live once again detects if it could not create a directory because one already existed.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when trying to group an External Instrument and an audio effect receiving MIDI from that External Instrument. Alternatively, if grouped prior to setting the MIDI routing between the two, Live would also crash when attempting to ungroup the pair once the routing was set. Grouping (and ungrouping) within the device chain will now behave as expected.
  • On Windows, using the "Alt"+"Enter" keys to enter Full Screen mode is now disabled. Full Screen mode is still available using the "F11" key.
  • Previously, under certain circumstances, Live appeared to hang because the UI could not be drawn.
  • Previously, installing many Live Packs at once caused Live's installation dialog window to become too big and unable to be used properly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Track Solo feature of the Tranzport control surface script did not work correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Session frame of the ATOMSQ control surface script was visible even when the hardware was not connected.
  • Live will show and use .vstpreset files for certain presets which previously failed to be displayed or supported.
  • Fixed an issue with User Remote Scripts where the SendsMapMode and MasterSliderChannel settings in UserConfiguration.txt were ignored.
  • Where possible, the name given to a User Remote Script's folder (the name visible in Live's Control Surface menus) will now be visible to Max for Live. Previously, all User Remote Scripts were named 'GenericScript' from the perspective of Max for Live.
  • Fixed a visual glitch that would show previously displayed content again (on macOS).
  • Fixed a crash that could occur during video export when using an external display as the primary display on MacBook Pro (macOS). Also fixed a crash that could occur when right-clicking in the MIDI Note Editor while the Note Expression tab was open, and selecting "Pitch Bend Range Settings...".


  • Title: Ableton Live 10 Suite v10.1.41
  • Developer: Ableton
  • Compatibility: OS X 10.11.6 or later
  • Language: English
  • Includes: K
  • Size: 1.89 GB
  • visit official website



Comments 10

Adrian 10 May 2018 03:55
This shit doesn't work, it won't allow me to move the KeyGen file into a portable hard drive so I can use it on windows. Pretty much I'm stuck. Don't download this program.
Miki 10 May 2018 09:01
Quote: Adrian
This shit doesn't work, it won't allow me to move the KeyGen file into a portable hard drive so I can use it on windows. Pretty much I'm stuck. Don't download this program.

Keygen APP OS X 2016.0

everything is working
Adrian 12 May 2018 05:11
Still doesn't work, it says "access denied". It's the .dmg file, you need to move the KeyGen file to somewhere else, and since I cant get it out of the .dmg file, and apparently I don't have access to it, it doesn't work.
Miki 12 May 2018 07:50
Updated DMG file
Adrian 13 May 2018 22:11
Nope... I'm sorry, still the same problem. I'll just quit trying, but thank you anyways.
Miki 27 May 2018 09:07
Updated to version 10.0.2
pupini123 14 February 2019 23:59
does it work? I have version 10.0.2 and crack never worked "file (authorize.auz) doesn't work in this computer".. also I have to pay premium account to download it in nitroflare :( do I have guarantee it will work? thank you!
james 7 June 2019 22:36
really was a lot of work to try to make this work and it didn't. any else have luck with it?
Franc 14 August 2019 16:50
Is it possible to have a keygen not exe ?

Or just to try again to make this work ?

I would really this program !
cflo 18 August 2020 19:45
this works beautifully

1 - block your hosts file from talking to servers (more info here
2 - move app into Applications folder, launch it, no internet on this computer, save the auth code it offers you as text file
3 - turn off Automatic Updates in preferences, quit the app
4 - patch the app using ALS v10.x.x Patch by HCiSO.command
5 - run Keygen using Wine or Crossover Mac, input the unique auth code generated from the program. this saves your .auz file
6 - drag .auz file onto app. it should launch and say success
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