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Renaming a large number of files can prove to be time consuming without the proper tools: A Better Finder Rename is a Mac app that comes with batch processing capabilities and offers you the possibility to apply various renaming templates.

Since A Better Finder Rename comes with a real time Preview feature, you will be able to view the final results before actually performing the renaming: this way you can easily avoid any issues.

Streamlined and intuitive user interface for speedy file renaming

  • The A Better Finder Rename main window is organized in two main areas: on the left you get to define the renaming pattern, while on the right you can view the list of files that will be renamed and the output results.
  • For your convenience, A Better Finder Rename comes with a Multi-Step drawer that enables you to apply more than one rule to the same files, at the same time. Furthermore, the app offers you the possibility to generate Droplets: these are very useful for automating certain tasks.

Wide collection of built-in file renaming tools

  • A Better Finder Rename comes with a large number of renaming actions that are organized by category for easy access: text, characters, character position & ranges, conversions, truncations date and time, path components, and many others.
  • Of course, each function comes with its own customization options and you must make the necessary adjustments to create renaming patterns that match your own needs. Last but not least, you can decide if A Better Finder Rename should handle both files and folders, and even apply the renaming template to sub-folders.

Versatile and powerful batch renaming utility for the Mac

  • Since Apple’s Finder app does not include even basic batch file renaming tools, having an efficient utility to automate these tasks is extremely useful.
  • A Better Finder Rename includes a large number of renaming actions that can be customized to create new patterns, allows you apply multiple rules at the same time, and even enables you to create personalized droplets.

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  • Title: A Better Finder Rename 12.06
  • Developer: Frank Reiff
  • Compatibility: macOS 10.13 or later
  • Language: English
  • Includes: K'ed by TNT
  • Size: 12.38 MB
  • visit official website



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Moth1Man 24 October 2023 04:10
Excellent App!
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