Karabiner-Elements 14.10.0

Karabiner-Elements 14.10.0

Remapping keyboard keys is a common practice, especially if you need to write text in various languages that are using special characters, or if you want to create personalized keyboard shortcuts.

Unobtrusive key remapping solution that works in the background
Karabiner-Elements is a minimalistic app that resides in your status bar and enables you to extensively customize the key’s effect. Note that you must start by adding the app to the list of utilities that can control your Mac (open the System Preferences window and navigate to the Security&Privacy tab).

The application enables you to quickly access the Preferences window where you can establish the remapping rules, or the EventViewer window designed to help you check if certain settings are effective in specific applications.

Effortlessly remap your keyboard behavior and adjust the key repeat delay
For your convenience, Karabiner-Elements comes with a collection of predefined functions that can adjust the behavior of your keyboard without requiring any configuration: simply open the Preferences window and, in the Change Key panel, enable the modification you want to make by checking the attached box.

Noteworthy is that the app allows you to define multiple profiles, and that you can quickly switch between them via the app’s status bar. You may even create activation keyboard shortcuts for each profile.

Uncomplicated solution for remapping your keyboard and adjusting its behavior to match your own needs
Karabiner-Elements enables you to remap your keyboard by applying various predefined settings, but also offers you the possibility to make your own settings, by manually editing the private.xml document.

More importantly, the application also includes tools for adjusting the key repeat interval for each function and comes with an EventViewer that can help you verify if the settings work properly.

What's New:

Version 14.10.0:


  • Update set_mouse_cursor_position to use the current screen if screen option is not specified. (Thanks to @gnawf)
  • Sparkle Framework has been updated.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that the device_if and device_unless does not work if vendor_id or product_id is zero. (or more precisely, if vendor_id or product_id cannot be retrieved and is set to 0)


  • Title: Karabiner-Elements 14.10.0
  • Developer: Takayama Fumihiko
  • Compatibility: macOS 11.0 or later
  • Language: English
  • Size: 19.79 MB
  • visit official website



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