Corel Painter 2022 (incl. Corel Premium Brush Packs) v22.0.1.171

Corel Painter 2022 (incl. Corel Premium Brush Packs) v22.0.1.171

Corel Painter is a fully-featured digital art studio that enables you to create beautiful art using highly customizable brushes, interesting paper textures that replicate the look and feel of traditional art materials.

A well-thought-out drawing, painting and illustration app for the artist in you
Corel Painter targets a wide variety of users that are interested in photo or traditional art, as well as illustrations.

Photographers will be happy to know that Corel Painter makes it easy to transform digital pictures into works of digital art. The built-in paint tools include advanced cloning and painting capabilities that enable you to create visually stunning photo art.

Traditional artists can take advantage of all the tools and features Corel Painter has to offer in order to build and create impressive art starting from a blank canvas.

Bring traditional art practices to the digital world and deliver remarkable results
Corel Painter allows you to use classic art practices with modern technology that offers physics-based brushes which enable you to deliver impressive digital art.

When it comes to illustrations, Corel Painter enables you draw comic books, create storyboards, web images, sketch and work on concept arts with the help of the powerful illustration and paint tools.

As mentioned above, Corel Painter comes with physics-inspired particle brushes that you can use to produce natural-looking brushstrokes. Make your selection from a large collection of “Natural-Media” brushes and create immersive contemporary digital art.

Choose the suitable interface layouts based on your type of work
Corel Painter features customizable user interface palette arrangements that are inspired by different types of artists. The user-oriented and time-saving arrangements include Brushes, Illustration, Cloning and Minimal UI layouts that allows you to focus on your work and gain access to the needed tools with minimal effort from your part.

Furthermore, Corel Painter helps you add various effects to your work of art and allows you to preview the changes in real-time. Also, the pressure-sensitive memory offers you full control over all available brushes, a fact that helps you obtain lifelike drawings and paintings.

To summarize it all, Corel Painter is an exhaustive digital painting application that comes with a full set of far-reaching tools and features suitable for a wide variety of art forms.

What's New:

Version 2022

These very popular stamp brushes have received a versatility overhaul. Open the Captured dab panel and choose from the included Captured dab library to get you started. Change shape, edge effects, rotation, squeeze and anti-aliasing on-the-fly. Plus, create your own dabs, organize, import and export libraries all from the Captured dab panel!

NEW! Watercolor brushes and workflow:
Enhance your artistic creations with new Watercolor compatible brushes and improved workflow options. Easily paint with dry media types on Watercolor layers resulting in new creative mixed-media looks. Plus, Watercolor layers can be easily transformed without needing to convert to a default layer.

NEW! Brush Library experience:
Reap the benefits of a refined brush library. Enjoy new categories, variants and brush previews plus, now you can easily find, filter, and favorite beloved brushes for easy access right from the Brush Selector. We have renamed, reorganized, and streamlined brush categories and variants for a logical content experience. Don’t worry, you can still access your previous favorites that you can’t live without!

NEW! Brush Size Selector:
Choosing brush size has never been so speedy and visual. Just open up the Size Library and away you go. Want additional sizes? You can add and reorder them. Need to change the size preview, no problem. Plus, you can also delete sizes you no longer require to streamline the panel content.

NEW! User requested enhancements:
After reviewing your valuable feedback, we have made many layer productivity improvements and other enhancements to accelerate your workflow. Layer spotlight, mask selection loading, clear a layer with delete, and new color dodge and burn composite methods, along with Navigator grayscale display, are just a few of the many advancements.

Fastest version of Painter yet:
Run the Brush Accelerator™ and enjoy huge speed gains of new and enhanced cover method brushes with up to 50x GPU boost and up to 18x acceleration when using Intel multicore processors with AVX2. Easily find these popular brushes by typing enhanced cover into the Search Panel. Several other favored brush engines are also up to 2x's faster.


  • Title: Corel Painter 2022 (incl. Corel Premium Brush Packs) v22.0.1.171
  • Developer: Corel Corporation
  • Compatibility: macOS 10.15 or later
  • Language: English
  • Includes: K'ed by TNT
  • Size: 4.06 GB
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