WarRoom 3.1.2

WarRoom 3.1.2

WarRoom® is a lightweight but powerful document review tool for litigation support. WarRoom is designed for attorneys and eDiscovery professionals who need an easy-to-use system for loading and reviewing document metadata and images from an electronic document production.

"WarRoom is an amazing program. E-discovery solutions are virtually nonexistent for MacOS and WarRoom has now filled that need. WarRoom is easy to use and packed with great features."
  • Bradford J. Black, Black Chang & Hamill LLP
In these days of electronic discovery and massive document reviews, most major law firms have agreed on a standard for their productions. Typically these productions consist of a document metadata load file, an image metadata load file, and a folder full of single page image files, text files, and native files. Without expensive software (none of which is available for MacOS), a production like this would be useless to you. Now, with WarRoom, you can have the same tools at a fraction of the cost.

WarRoom provides many advanced features:
Easily create your document workspace
  • Quickly build a new matter workspace or import a legacy database. from earlier versions of WarRoom.
  • Automatically sync your WarRoom workspaces using iCloud.
  • Invite other users to share your workspace and collaborate on your document review in realtime.
Import document productions with ease
  • Load document metadata from delimited text files using any standard delimiting character.
  • Load images and associated metadata from image load files (supports single page Tiffs and Jpegs).
  • Import PDF files directly into your workspace.*
Make your document review painless
  • Easily search extracted text using keywords, boolean operators, index searching and conceptual searching.
  • Review documents in List, Detail, or Split Screen mode.
  • Search document full text instantly, or construct a form search for deeper searching.
  • Search within the text of a document to highlight hits.
  • Automatic document clustering allows you to quickly identify key concepts in your document set.
  • Preview most supported native file types linked from a field and view and search extracted text directly in the Image Viewer.
Organize your documents and hide privileged information
  • Tag documents with various issues, and search based on your tags.
  • Code documents with single choice or multiple choice fields.
  • Create folders to organize documents with drag and drop ease.
  • Redact sensitive information on images and optionally make the redactions permanent on export.
Export only what you would like to produce
  • Export images to multi-page PDFs or single page TIFF image files with an associated image metadata load file.
  • Export document metadata to a delimited text file.
  • Export extracted text / OCR to text files and optionally exclude redacted text.
Secure and defensible!
  • All data is stored locally. Only you can access your data.
  • If you choose to share your workspace with other users or sync your workspaces with your other Macs, all of the information is transmitted securely using Apple's iCloud. No third parties have any access to your data!
  • All conceptual analytics are powered by Apple's in-house analytics API's, which means you have the peace of mind that your searches are giving you accurate, defensible results.
  • Supported document metadata load file formats: Concordance / Relativity (.DAT) or any delimited text file (.TXT)
  • Supported image metadata load file formats: iPro (.LFP**), Opticon (.OPT), or Relativity (.LOG)
Things WarRoom does not do:
  • WarRoom does not process "native" files for electronic discovery.
  • WarRoom does not OCR documents
  • WarRoom is currently English only.
*In order to extract the full text of PDFs into your workspace, they must already be full-text searchable PDFs.

What's New:

Version 3.1.2
  • minor bug fixes


  • Title: WarRoom 3.1.2
  • Developer: Joseph Calvarese
  • Compatibility: macOS 10.13 or later, 64-bit processor
  • Language: English
  • Includes: K'ed by HCiSO
  • Size: 14.99 MB
  • View in Mac App Store



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