HandsFree 2.6

HandsFree 2.6

Never miss another call or text message. HandsFree 2 runs un-intrusively in the background with an always available menu icon. Easily make calls, send a message or even record an important conversation.

And it works with any Bluetooth enabled phone. That’s right, Windows Phone, BB, iPhone and even Android is compatible. It’s like OS X Continuity except for everyone and with more features.

Check out the list of included features:
  • Make a call right from your Mac by either choosing an existing contact, or by using the dial pad.
  • Get notified right away of an incoming call with the person’s name or number (requires Caller ID service).
  • Incoming text messages will appear on your Mac, with the option to reply. Need to send a text message? No problem, you can do that too*.
  • Record any call with one click, as well as easily open up a previous recording.
  • Quickly see all the missing, incoming and outgoing call lists.
  • Phone’s battery and signal levels, as well as a roaming indicator.
  • Contacts app plugin.


Version 2.6:
  • Contact phone numbers now have a text label for easier identification instead of an icon

  • Dial pad window now moves just below the outgoing call window for a better user experience
  • App stability across the board
  • Using a new and clearer icon for switching audio sources in the call dialog
  • Completely re-written engine that deals with getting the phonebooks (outgoing, incoming, missed and contacts), getting existing SMS, listening for new SMS and sending SMS; the reliabilty of these features should be quite a bit better now

  • Potential crash when closing the outgoing call window
  • Potential crash when the phone is disconnected suddenly (ex: out of range)
  • Issue where the option to send a text message would sometimes not appear after connecting to the phone
  • Issue where connecting to an iPhone would sometimes fail, leaving the app in an unusable state
  • Issue where the caller name would have garbage characters when using an iPhone
  • Issue where the dial pad would quickly jump up then back down in height when a call was placed
  • Attachment icon overlapping the text message subject in the menu item


  • Title: HandsFree 2.6
  • Developer: Tunabelly Software
  • Compatibility: OS X 10.9 or later, 64-bit processor
  • Language: English
  • Includes: Pre-K'ed
  • Size: 8.61 MB
  • Mac App Store

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