Luminar 1.2.0

Luminar 1.2.0

Luminar is the world's first photo editor that adapts to your style and skill level. It is the supercharged photo software that makes complex editing easy and enjoyable--and it is as responsive and beautiful as your Mac.

Luminar is powered by the latest photo-processing tech handcrafted by a Macphun team with over 10 years of development experience producing award-winning software beloved by millions.

  • RAW is just the beginning - We take RAW format seriously. That’s why Luminar is also a stellar and fast RAW editor with support for dozens of different cameras. At the same time, RAW photo support is just one component of Luminar’s DNA. All in all, it is a whole new world of photo editing opportunities!
  • Adaptive interface that inspires you to do more - While other photo editors make you adapt to their interface, Luminar adapts to your skill level. There is no need to face dozens of sliders if you simply want to remove an object from an image or apply a preset. But if you do need to perform some serious tasks, you’ll easily access all the advanced features. Enjoy using only the tools and effects you need and the features you actually use for your photography.
  • Powerful tools that allow you to do more - The new Luminar for Mac lets you remove unwanted objects, color casts and digital noise. It helps you retouch skin and reveals the hidden details in your photos. It features layers with blend modes, texture overlays and powerful image masking. Luminar lets you edit upper and lower sections of the image without having to make any selections. It includes selective color controls, cross process effect filters and so much more!
  • A whole new approach to professional photo editing - Luminar combines all kinds of pro-level photo effects and tools in one package. It brings layers, luminosity masks, radial and gradient masking, histogram, blend modes, brushes for selective editing, color mixer, split toning and a lot more. Even if you’re not familiar with these tools now, you can start using Luminar right away. And all the tools will always be available for you to use as you grow as a photographer.
  • State-of-the-art digital darkroom you design yourself - The workspaces in Luminar editor reveal only the most essential photo filters for the specific type of photo. Enjoy default workspaces and effects for landscape, portrait, street and B-and-W images. Or create your own, based on your preferences. Even import workspaces from other artists, who use Luminar.


Version 1.2.0:
  • New Accent AI filter - Uses artificial intelligence to create stunning images with a single swipe
  • New Quick and Awesome workspace - 3 filters for great results within seconds
  • Plug-in integration with Creative Kit and Aurora HDR 2017
  • Brush, Gradient and Radial Gradient tools - Dramatically faster speed yields more fluid editing
  • Vignette filter - New Vignette Styles, Place Center and more deliver versatile options
  • Memory management - Faster performance for large files and 5+ simultaneous open images
  • User Interface changes - In-app animation and mode transitions make everything smoother
  • Crop tool update - Custom crop sizes for every situation
  • Local history - Separate history for Transform, Denoise, Clone and Stamp modes


  • Title: Luminar 1.2.0
  • Developer: Macphun Software
  • Compatibility: OS X 10.10.5 or later, 64-bit processor
  • Language: English
  • Includes: Pre-K'ed
  • Size: 162.51 MB
  • Official website



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