Gifox 1.5.0

Gifox 1.5.0

Gifox is a beautifully designed and masterfully crafted app that records your screen into animated gifs – the great alternative between static images and full-size videos. It's your best companion for:
  • Micro-screencasts and product demos
  • Animated instructions and bug reporting
  • Selective on-screen video capturing

Gifox introduces a completely new way of continuous screen capturing with window selection mode – you select a window and Gifox precisely records it even when it's moved or covered up by other windows. Free selection mode is also there for you – fast-select any area on the screen and hit record, like you used with the standard grab app / Cmd+Shift+4 command.

  • Pixel-sharp selection with accurate margins
  • Only selected window without any overlaps
  • With or without window shadow
  • With or without desktop background

A set of capturing options accessible via preferences window let you explicitly control your recording and output.
  • Record fps
  • Playback fps
  • Window shadow
  • Desktop background

Advanced compression options provide complete control over output quality and file size.
  • Colour
  • Palette generation
  • Dithering

Open up Gifox in any selection mode using preconfigured global shortcuts.
  • Cmd+Shift+5 initiates/stops free selection mode recording
  • Cmd+Shift+6 initiates/stops window mode recording
  • Custom shortcuts are coming in April release

Easily share your recordings with Dropbox, Google Drive and Imgur with support for more great services underway. We want to know what integrations would be most useful for you, let us know using the in-app feedback form or contacts on our website.

What's New:

Version 1.5.0:
  • Most importantly… New! Red! Record! Button! Just like it should have been from the start!
  • New selection aspect ratio control can automatically restore previous selection when selector gets open in area mode.
  • Existing selection is preserved when switching from window to area mode.
  • New shortcuts for moving and resizing selection, stopping recording and more! Check them out and adjust in preferences.
  • Smoother and more stable selection experience with better anchor points and cursor handling. See if you feel the difference!
  • Selection toolset is now available for window selection mode too! Yes!
  • Smarter toolset alignment when it gets too close to screen edges or crosses them.
  • Handsome app is already running message will appear when opening multiple Gifox instances.
  • Improved preferences layout and animations.
  • Selection origin displayed upside down y-coordinate.
  • Extreme CPU usage when cancelling recording with all frame palette compression.
  • Recorded GIFs appear badly garbled when using downscaling with palette for every frame compression.
  • Marching ants selection is now correctly displayed across multiple screens.
  • Crash when viewing quick help in selection toolset and preferences in OS X El Capitan.


  • Title: Gifox 1.5.0
  • Developer: Interactive Works LTD
  • Compatibility: OS X 10.11 or later, 64-bit processor
  • Language: English
  • Includes: K'ed by TNT
  • Size: 19.4 MB
  • View in Mac App Store



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