Malwarebytes for Mac Premium 3.5.26

Malwarebytes for Mac Premium 3.5.26

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (was AdwareMedic) helps you get your Mac experience back. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware scans for and removes code that degrades system performance or attacks your system. Making your Mac once again your Mac.

What It Does
  • Removes adware, such as Genieo, VSearch, and Vidx
  • Removes malware, including Trojans
  • Scans quickly
  • Simplifies program management through a clean, lean interface

How It Does It
  • Anti-adware
  • Anti-malware
  • Light footprint
  • Simple interface

What's New:

  • Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.


  • Title: Malwarebytes for Mac Premium 3.5.26
  • Developer: Malwarebytes
  • Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor
  • Language: English
  • Includes: Serial
  • Size: 28.63 MB
  • visit official website



Comments 9

SimonTemplar 7 November 2018 16:51
This is a very well known piece of software for previous versions of macOS..., but it still needs to be upgraded for Mojave... ;-(

Perhaps this software "CB Adware & Malware Cleaner 1.0.4" offers a bettter choice for us macOS Mojave users and its available for d/l now at this site.
SimonTemplar 10 November 2018 11:26
Well, lets wait for version (3.4.29 / September 18, 2018 after checking at "Malwarebytes" site), Mojave ready...
Kris 17 November 2018 16:05
version 3.5.27 has been released
SimonTemplar 17 November 2018 18:41
Please check the following URL concerning "Malwarebytes" (see MacOS section):[/url]
The latest version, Mojave ready, is 3.4.29.
Kris 18 November 2018 11:32
but the crack on Malwarebytes 3.4.29 does not work
SimonTemplar 18 November 2018 12:37
Well, i havent installed this version of "MWB" (Malwarebytes for Mac Premium 3.5.26) because i have installed a newer version of macOS, 10.14.1.

That no longer supports the older 3.5.26.
kris 18 November 2018 16:45
I also have macOS 10.14.1, so for now a working crack that works on mojave is not there yet?
SimonTemplar 18 November 2018 18:15
Hello Kris, first of all, dont get me wrong, but im not connected with "" in any way. Im just an interested mac user that believes that we must share with others our own experience.
Having said that, i dont know when a given solution for a software Will be released.
As most things in Life, we must learn to be patient.
Kris 19 November 2018 12:44
Sorry, maybe you misunderstood me, I never thought you were connecting to, and like you are a simple MAC user, waiting for me is not a problem

Quote: Kris
Sorry, maybe you misunderstood me, I never thought you were connecting to, and like you are a simple MAC user, waiting for me is not a problem

*like you I am a simple user mac
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