Hot Lava 1.3.9

Hot Lava

The Floor is Hot Lava!
Hot Lava transports you back to your childhood imagination. Relive those moments of excitement, joy, and chaos. Run, jump, climb, and surf in first person across nostalgia-packed environments flooded with hot molten lava. Explore alone, or join your friends. This is a game of dexterity and ingenuity, you will have to use all your skills to complete the treacherous obstacles that await. 

And whatever you do… Don’t Touch The Floor


  • Together: Conquer challenging worlds with up to eight friends with drop in-drop out multiplayer. 
  • Traverse: Run, jump, climb, swing, boost, and surf in first person across lava filled worlds. Mastering execution will take dedication and skill.
  • Explore: Detailed environments jam packed with childhood nostalgia. 
  • Compete: To find the fastest route using shortcuts and expert execution on the friends leaderboard.
  • Avoid: lava, toxic waste, bottomless pits, and crushers. Danger is around every corner.
  • Create: Hot Lava comes with a level construction kit for Unity. Share your creations on the Steam Workshop.

What's New:

Version 1.3.9

Exo-Clash has landed! In this update we have two new characters and a host of new activities. Play as Hera or Leo from Exo Clash, earn rewards in the new weekly course or cool off this summer with water balloon fights in Playground Level.

  • Beat the weekly course and earn a reward
  • Play as two new characters from the ExoClash universe
  • Throwable water balloons now available in Playground Level
  • Hit all the targets to earn a cool new accessory
  • Checkpoints added to Chase Your Sister courses
  • Switch between analog and digital controls via in-game options button (...)
  • Level up faster with increased XP gains across the board


  • Title: Hot Lava 1.3.9
  • Release Date: 19 Sep, 2019
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Racing
  • Developer: Klei Entertainment
  • Compatibility: macOS 10.13 or later
  • Language: Multilingual
  • Size: 5.06 GB
  • visit official website



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